About Me - Ian Coles Photography

My interest in photography began when my parents gave me, on my seventh birthday, an Explorer’s Kit containing a torch, compass, binoculars and a plastic camera, all of which I broke within six weeks! My fascination deepened at school where we had a darkroom, enabling me to develop black and white film and print some pretty ropey pictures!

Travel and Landscape

In recent years I’ve travelled the world, both for business and pleasure and a camera has always accompanied me. No surprise therefore that my photography leans towards travel and landscape. Initially I was preoccupied with recording places I had visited and thus my work was more factual than creative. More recently I have sought to think more creatively as to how to ‘make’ a picture rather than simply ‘take’ a picture.

Inevitably this is an unfinished journey and I am thankful to many fellow photographers, amateur and professional, who inspire me to continue.

Composition, Light and Patience !

What makes a pleasing image? In my view thoughtful composition, light and patience are what’s needed. That said, good equipment does help and I therefore use a Canon 5D Mk III, Canon L series lenses and Lee filters to help manage tonal balance.

I hope you enjoy what you see and that it inspires you in your own photography. Please help me by sharing my images on social media.

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